Thursday, May 15, 2014

PAS and Dragon Tales

I'm currently caught up in the tidal wave of PAS or Project Avoidance Syndrome. You know, you are partway through a project, you have great forward motion, you've been working steadily, then suddenly you subconsciously find every reason not to do it. Heck I've even resorted to chores to keep from finishing. I'm thinking its because I've been working so steadily and whenever I sit down I'm knitting that part of my brain who doesn't appreciate all of my work apparently thinks I need a break. LAME! So instead of picking up my current project I decided to do a blog post. At least I'm being useful!


I feel like I came into the knitting arena late in the game. Well, late for half of my nephews and nieces. The 4 that are under 6 won't really notice, but I feel guilty that the 16 and 12 y.o. won't have the baby sets, winter sets, crazy hats, or toys made for them by Aunt Starcie. What makes the situation super ironic is that they live in Alaska and would have gotten the most benefit! I'm working on rectifying that this Christmas. In the mean time, I'll be seeing 4 of the younger ones in a few weeks and I decided that I need to get going for them. Whats the most awesome thing you can do? Matching stuffed animals!

From left to right in order of make, that dark blue fellow at the end totally has back legs now
I loved making the Tarragon Dragon for BB for Easter and I figured I have 4 other little ones who would probably adore a little stuffed thingy. The 3 boys are (respectively) 5,4, and 3 and my niece is 3. I thought it would be cute if all of them had the same stuffed animal. I have a fair bit of sturdy acrylic redheart yarn and a bag of stuffing is shockingly cheap, so hey, win win!

I liked the original but I wanted something a little bit sturdier attachment wise for the appendages and a little more shape so I made a few changes and have more in mind for future dragons. I had a hella hard time with that stupid kitchener stitch, but over the course of multiple faces I've gotten way better. The stitching is neater and tighter due to an adjustment on the needles I used. I'm really happy with them.

I think its fun to do a pattern multiple times, it shows how I'm changing and getting better and how I'm able to think outside the box. I freaking love this!
the newest head, tidier and less bulbous

the original head not so pretty and tidy

the original leg, dangly and cute but I didn't feel secure
with a little short row shaping i'm happier

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lovin Me Some Lace

A friend of mine is getting her start in the formal gown and lingerie business and she has bestowed upon me the privileged of creating a set or two of gloves and a shrug for an upcoming event in August! It's so exciting and intimidating.

 I don't want to just find someone else's pattern and reproduce it. I'm always worrying that even if they don't say its only for personal and private use that I'll step on toes. If I make my own I don't have to worry! I'm super comfortable with gloves and am confident in my chart reading so I think its time for me to make an effort. Heck, in all honesty you just have to do a swatch and and figure out what lace pattern works for what you do!

Considering the formal aspect I feel that accessories should reflect the design which means I need to start getting myself all sorts of familiarized with new stitches. I know some basics but most of what I know to make involves a set stockinette stitch pattern along with a solid pattern. I love that but when I think formal I think ethereal, dainty and light weight. For this season anyway :P I checked out books at the library and there are stunning stitches but not the ones I'm looking for. So....TO THE INTERWEBS and consequently I found and epic sight. Knitting Fool. I'm totally in love! there are hundreds and hundreds of stitches and charts and swatches. I totally squealed. 

I've found some potential stitches for the gloves (they are going to be for her marine corps ballgown)

Stripes with Twisted Bars

English Lace Mesh

Cardigan Mesh Lace

 I'll admit I have shrugs on the brain after completing the one for my friend. I fell in love with a shawl that used the Lily of the Valley stitch and I'd like to adjust the shrug pattern to use it.

I love lilies of the Valley, 

Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm a delinquent

This vid has nothing to do with knitting, its just awesome!

I haven't been posting as much as I should and  totally apologize! I've been in a bit of a funk. I've been knitting (like crazy actually ) and have finished a bunch of projects or am halfway through others. I'm just sitting down and really going at it before I leave to visit my parents in June. I'll gather up all the goods and take a big old picture of them to post.

In the mean time, anyone who's having trouble right now, chin up, you'll get through it :) Grab your needles and a hank of yarn and find someplace where you can watch people and make something you will be proud of. Grab a few friends, take a good break. You deserve it <3