Saturday, July 26, 2014

Holy Hiatus!

This summer has been all sorts of crazy. For 6 weeks I was visiting family in Idaho and it was crazy and fun. I was totally working on the blessing gown but I had massive troubles with that thing and it ended up being frogged, thank GOD. My brother in law had the blessing gown that had been worn by his older sister who died a few years ago and I was more than happy to give way to sentimentality. Besides, my sis loves cables so I'm going to get on that. She's totally down for me making her some 3-6 month baby items considering everyone got her newborn items. Very sweet, but not enough for-thought for a little one!

I've also decided that in lieu of all the things I listed that just need to be done I need to step back and really think through projects. I know a lot of lovely people and I know a lot of lovely pregnant people but I've realized that if I'm going to get around to making  items to sell and maybe even one for myself, I'm going to have to prioritize. Family comes first. If I have extra time I'll knit up some baby items and put them aside and send them out. So OUT with the old list! We have new things to conquer.

By December:

  1. I have a butt load of slippers to make. I want to make a pair for every one in my immediate family, my nephews and nieces in particular, which is 9 pairs, P'lus 19 other pairs for siblings and their spouses if I have the time. Jeeeeeeez.
  2. Make socks for mom, grammy, MIL, SIL (I've decided that September will be the month of socks and booties, seriously, thats all I'm going to do, pair after pair after pair, it'll be a sockstravaganza!)
  3. I still need to make about 8 each of mitts and hats for my mom.
  4. Something for Matt and Selly
  5. Start the shawl FOR my mom
  6. Actually make something for myself
  7. Make a super cute hat and sweater for TK (soon to be born niece). I chose some patterns from my 60 Quick Baby Knits since I've been DYING to make something from it! Plus I want more knit books and I can't justify it until I've made something from each of the 8 books/mags I already have.

  8. That'll do for now I think. *rev up* Okay just 7 months to get things popped out!

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