Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm currently immersing myself in satisfaction

My previous post, Blanket of Doom, spoke of my utter determination to make a few skeins of Bernat Baby Coordinates into something awesome. Its taken over a year, a ton of annoyance, frogging, and freaking out but lo, it is DONE!

Its pretty and turned out alright. Its def crib length but I'll always think I should have done another swapped pattern repeat so there would be a total of 4 as opposed to 3. I think I'm just a big old symmetry person. I'm considering doing a border and stitching it on because I really really hate picking up stitches and hey, who knows I may prefer to sewing on a border. Or I'll hate it, it really can go both ways!

I also managed to get other stuffs done!

I finished BBs Easter Dragon and it turned out super cute! I'm already thinking of changes to the pattern for future dragons!

And I finished a basic hat for my mom to give to coworkers for Christmas. I didn't care for the yarn, its warp was way off. Its also really wooly so its hard to see the cabling, but I feel better knowing that its not just blah and boring! 

So YAY! Stuff done ^_^

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