Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Magic my a$$

Right now, I'm sitting here watching My Little Ponies, eating a serving size of pseudo cookie dough I made up and finishing my daily coffee. My day warranted it.The beginning started off with a grumpy kid at story time, so our morning was a total bust. Thank god for nap time, then I can get to work on the shrug my friend needs by the 16th. I have plenty of time!

This whole project has already been an ordeal. I didn't have the 24 inch size 6 circs and I had to go to 3 different places before I finally found them. I had never done a provisional cast on and that took forever. Then I had a ton of problem with my first round, of course that would be because the pattern NEVER SAID IT CALLED FOR THE MAGIC LOOP METHOD! I have never ever used this technique. If I had known I was going to have to do it I would have looked into it while I waited for the yarn to ship.

I've learned something. I hate the magic loop. I hate it so much I have literally thrown things. This is the most impractical method of actually knitting that I have ever experienced all for the sake of not having to switch to straights. It took 3 different explanations/videos before it made sense to me. I tried and failed, frogged, tried again, frogged, decided to start all over (considering I've only done 2 rows tops it shouldn't be a big deal right?), over over over over! I will have 2 big ladders at the beginning and middle because if I pull tight I cant transfer my stitches back onto the needle. If its loose the ladder only gets bigger.

If I could afford it I'd just go buy anther set of needles that are smaller but no, instead I'm gong to have to sit down and do this stupid thing with this stupid method, swearing, ranting, throwing, and being an overall pain in the behind for the next week......

Screw you magic loop

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