Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I have Knitting ADD

I remember reading Free Range Knitter in my new days o'knitting and I her writing about having multiple projects on the needles at any given time and I was thinking that there was no way I could do it. One project at a time is what seemed responsible and practical!

How little did I know. Right now I currently have a viking set 2/3 complete (and half of a horn waiting for me to figure out how to do short row shaping), the upper 2 rows of a baby sock, 1.5 mitts, and the lower 1/2 of a converse booty waiting for me. OH and that crib blanket and a doll sized blanket. If I was to sit my butt down and muscle my way through it, it would only take a day for each item AND their matching set. I totally need to take another week off the internet because its cutting into my mad knitting time. There are just so many awesome things begging to be made!

Add to my current desire to dink around in the virtuality I now have MORE projects. Its like an addiction. There is no such thing as too many things to do or that need done. OMG it turns out my sister is expecting a girl! NEED BLESSING DRESS AND A CABLED BLANKET CUZ SHE LOVES CABLES! I'm seeing my nephews and nieces for the first time in years/ever OMG I NEED TO MAKE THEM ALL SOMETHING (you know to be that cool aunt). Oh, and my sister is commissioning booties and hats that need to be done asap for twin girls! I need more size 7s.

I'm like a frickin ferret on pixie stix being let loose in a shop full of super shinyness. At least those things aren't due until June and August respectively. I'll post some pics, the gloves should be done tomorrow at least so I can get started on the twins-ies

My additions:

I'm thinking cream with light and dark pink

I currently have 5 plus 1 for my own!
Seriously, she loves Cables

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