Saturday, March 1, 2014

Norseman FTW!

You know what's awesome? People paying for materials to enable you to make something you wanted to make anyway! My delicious friend (known for 10+ years) from college has a little boy and she gave me some cash and asked me to make a viking hat for him. I nearly frothed, I've always wanted to make one and here was that push to just do it.

There are plenty of patterns online but I felt like I could do something on my own. I did check out some pictures to get some ideas on how to go about it. It was pretty simple, doing the (simple) math to come up with size and where to put (as well as how to make) the bobbles, what needed to be garter stitch and what needed to be stockinette, etc. I was comfortable winging it! 

My first time I messed up on the count (even though I checked multiple times) and it got frogged, which wasn't a bad thing. It was good practice with the bobbles. My second time was much more awesome.

Now it looks pretty decent. I got up to the decreases and actually did the first round and second after but it felt off. First off, I had decreased in the stockinette section when the garter section had the bobbles. There also felt like something The bobbles don't stand out on the garter panels AND the stockinette seem more "raised". So froggy went a courtin on the hat and I pulled back to the brim!

In one day I managed to finish the hat portion

Please ignore my awesomely terrible hair
I'm pretty satisfied with the results. There are tweaks I'd like to do with the pattern but that's for the future. I'm currently working on a super awesomely red beard and getting myself all revved up to figure out how to make horns!

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