Friday, February 21, 2014


So in the last week I've:

*written, started, and frogged the viking hat because I miscounted at my cast on (even though I counted about 8 times before I even started on my first row*
*made a set of booties for my cousin's baby, I messed up on the pattern but committed to it because it looked fine, up until I went to thread the ribbon through it only to find I had the wrong number of eyelets!
*had to redo the insignia on the baby boy hat multiple times, but it did turn out right in the end.
*only got to the 3rd row on a coffee cozy multiple times before I had to admit that even a simple lace row isn't for the park. 
*tried my hand at lace knitting with crochet thread and itsy bitsy lace needles, that took a good 10 minutes to cast on and do a row and a half. 

I have a bunch I could do, a bunch I should do, but I'm feeling a little ennui. Its just the time of year, and being emotionally under the weather. But hey, I did learn how to do bobbles.

Now I'm just going to watch Sherlock and work on a coffee cozy in rainbow yarn. 

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