Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stashin' the good stuff

The internets was down for us for about a week or I totally would have posted. I do have Blogger on my phone but lets be honest, there is nothing worse than typing away at the little touchscreen on a phone. Plus my phone has some sort of horrific disease that makes it impossible for it to hold a charge and do anything else for longer than an hour. I'm assuming its some sort of cellphone incontinence. Well the web is back and it turns out I totally had a post all in the draft mode and could have put it up! Better late than never? WOOHOOO

What exactly is a stash? According to Mirriam-webster it means to put (something) in a secret or hidden place or an amount of something that is stored or hidden. According to Urban Dictionary its slang for moustache. Not helping urban dictionary! 

I recall starting on this wonderful fiberlicious journey I hard of these "stashes" that knitters have. The whole concept of having a ton of extra yarn seemed like such a foreign possibility. Why would you buy that much extra? Isn't it better to buy it as you need it? As you can see, I literally never expected to have more than maybe 5 skeins at a time. I had a few that were given to me by a friend who wasn't planning on using them but I had no real plan for them and didn't really know what to do with them since I was just dipping my toes in the knitting pool. Plus I had some homespun from a few years back during my first "I SHOULD LEARN TO KNIT" phase. Its all really quite magical. 

Anyhow, not only did my mother send me home with a bag of about $100 in good quality fiber yarn and instructions to "make some awesome things for me and my coworkers by next christmas" and a promise to send me a yarn budget each month (she has 12 coworkers, wants hats and mitts for all of them plus goodies for herself), but my wonderful cousin moved to Hawaii and had to get rid of some of her stuff and I was surprised with a white kitchen trash bag full of yarn and big ol needles. 

I was in shock and a part of me wanted to put all of that yarn down and roll in it, but I resisted, instead I had to move all of my stuff upstairs since I had no space in my room for it. As I set it up on the bed it suddenly hit me that I have moved up a level as a knitter. I have a stash.

Its not much but its mine!

A look inside the mystical bag of awesome fiber

I suddenly decided I absolutely had to pop on my Ravelry and put all of my stuff in so that when I get all blergh on what to do next I can just click those buttons that say "stash yarn" and then I get an adventure chosen for me! So that means I spent the last 2 hours on line searching for pics of the yarn (I want to be thorough) and entering all of my yarn accurately. So now I know I have 35 skeins of yarn. That's 35 skeins of awesome potential just waiting to be manipulated into something awesome! This doesn't even include the 4 skeins I have sitting in my next to knit with bucket or the 5 I just bought yesterday so that I could start making my cousins mitts and hats. OR the contents of the bag because they are kind of taken. 

I know that there are plenty of knitters who have rooms full/dedicated solely to their stash, but to this little rookie, 50ish skeins sort of blows my mind! I'm overwhelmed by the potential! I love it, seriously.

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