Thursday, February 13, 2014

PROGRESS! Updates and such!

  1. 2 sets of Gloves and a hat for my cousin (asap, looking for the neon colors he wanted). These should be fun because I'm making them sans pattern to fit his hands! YAY FOR ADVENTURE!  This took waaay longer than expected. After having to rip back multiple times, I went on and double checked the average number of stitches cast on for men's gloves. The rest was pretty easy. Mittens aren't exactly rocket scientistery or anything. What I hate is how some things knitted really suck because they look slightly off but the minute you put them on its like "OH wow, that totally works" hopefully he likes them! I have enough left over yarn he's going to be getting a hat or two as well.

     Mid March 
    Baby Dollard, due in March

    Before April


     for twins so I need 2 of each!

    Before June
    Baby beanie and converse booties for my bootcamp instructors impending child

    The beanie is going to be basic black but I'm going to do the
    bootcamps insignia on it in double knitting SO EXCITED. I have started making the beanie so thats a yay and I need grey and white yarn so woohoo!

    My cousin and his fiancee are having a little girl, so booties and hat!

    Before August

    one adorable sock down!
    Baby Layette for my nephew. This is just an example. I may go a different direction but I think this is super cute. I'm also making  baby socks and pretty much anything I can think of too for Nolan!

    AAAAND another cousin's wife is expecting so hat and booties!

    4. Fingerless Mitts for: Brenda, Rose, Gwendy, Bookie, and Val, pretty much due whenever. I need to find a pattern I like or make up something!

    5.Dew Drops Shawl for my mom and a Pineapple Delight Shawl for my grammy. I'm hitting a major stumbling block because no one carries size 5 80 cm circs! I don't want to just order them flat out because with shipping and handling... I feel like I should wait until I actually legit have to order something.
    6.Hats and mitts for my mom's coworkers for next xmas (12 sets, I have total artistic freedom)I was about to start this, totally enthusiastic over a cascade paint yarn she's gotten but then I realized I REALLY had to get David's mitts out.

    7. A viking hat and beard for my friends 5 year old son! Really excited for this. I've found good patterns but all are for infants or adults so I'm going to sort this myself. Yeah it could be awesome or terrible. I'm excited nevertheless!

    Huh...considering how much time I spent knitting the list isn't getting any smaller! I've made progress with those mitts being done, a baby sock, and today I made hubby a pair of super bulky slippers because his feet get so cold! I'm totally not disappointed at all. I know I'm moving forward and if you aren't always adding new things to try what is the point in a hobby?!

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