Wednesday, February 5, 2014

KIP at Sambalatte Espresso Bar

This week while perusing The View there was an article on Artistas aka artistic baristas who fill your cup with not only a delicious brew, but they top it off with foam art! I'm reading this going "yup, they need knitting. I need to do this for them." Plus, who doesn't like the name? Sambalatte sounds like some Latin America cup of sass with a dash of dancing tossed in. To keep up with this mental theme, I wore a bright red dress :)

It was nice. Relaxing, as it should be. Nice Baristas, the coffee was good. Definite hipster atmosphere. I found a little wicker seating set on the upper level that overlooked the door. I felt like a little bird in a nest, I settled in, let the weird multi-regional music wash over me, and reached for my purse.

I'm working on some gloves for my cousin but they are a bit bulky to carry in a purse, so I snagged the half a skein of sock yarn I had left over, my number 2s and tucked them in my purse. I'd already scoped ravelry and downloaded a pattern for baby socks so that was my plan for the evening.

One thing about knitting in the round is that the very beginning is rough. Seriously, those first few rows I'm all fumbly, needles and fingers everywhere. Coupled with the fact that it was baby sized it means that there was very little happening at first. Slowly but surely, with each sip and each row something precious started to form. After a 2 hours I was all done with the gusset and such, my coffee was gone, and I had the glow of self satisfaction!

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