Friday, January 31, 2014

No rest for the knitty

In the time I wrote that last article I discovered I have 2 cousins who's wives are pregnant AND my epic boot camp instructor from Cali and his fiancee are expecting a little bundle of joy. So tag on 3 more things o'baby stuff to my to do list! All I'll say is thank god baby things are tiny and take 2, maybe 3 days to make a hat and booties. I really need to start stretching my needles and attempt.....drumroll.....a sweater! Of course, pretty much all of these little ones are due in summer. Where's all my winter babies at?!

Well, regardless, that is why patterns include a 6 month size option! Also fortuitous for me, not only is the epicness of ravelry available so that I don't even have to do the same booties over and over but I got this awesome book at Jo-ann's with an xmas gift card!

Now with the internet available and millions of patterns available at my fingertips with a google search, I'm not huge on buying pattern books. I grabbed this book to leaf through on a whim and I kid you not, I adored a good 55 out of the 60 patterns! It was also 40% off so I figured I'd give the little darling a good home. I'm terribly excited to get busy with it! 

And for your enjoyment, my most recent achievement for Baby Dollard, due in march:

I had a friend say she would love a pair of adult sized booties and since I recently fell into some yarn (almost literally) I think I may have to get all jiggy with those for my friends lovely chilly toes!


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