Saturday, January 11, 2014


Yup, I managed to get some stuff done today. I forgot what it was like to have small day projects, here's what I did!

Starting from the top is an Owl Coffee Cozy from My Knitting Basket (yeah I totally should have made that a better pic), on the right is the beginning of Victorian Lace Shrug for Butter Bean for my sister's wedding, and the bottom left is her Polar Vortex mittens (standard redheart)

The mitten gets me, it turns out so long, but I put it on her little hands to check it out and it fits. Now she doesn't have this fantastically odd shaped hand by any means, its cute and chubby and absolutely adorable. I'm thinking that after I make this pair up for our trip I'll take the time to make her something really custom. The real question is how to keep her still while I measure her hand. Then I have to do basic math, and nobody wants me doing math *SIGH* I'll make hubby check my work.

The cozy was fun. I made it in old, super acrylic tastic yarn. The kind that feels like you are weaving strips of plastic together. It was mostly to check it out and attempt the patter since anything involving a cable makes me nervous. It was pretty easy. I'd like to use the owl motif in my own designed coffee cozy. I have plans, now I just need to make it so! 

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