Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To Do List:

WOOHOO, lets cross stuff off:

  1. 2 Pairs of gloves (done Jan 2)
  2. Remake the baby bootie and mail it out (done jan 3)
  3. Striped Annabella Gloves (in progress)
  4. Finish the Sock (come on starcie, at least get done to the heel)
  5. Brenna's Mitts
  6. Flower Girl Shrugs
  7. Coffee Cosies (can we say, between projects palate cleanser)
Woo, first time cabling! I made it one cable too small, thats okay, it was a quick knit so I'll get it

I've also decided I need to add more! This polar vortex has me concerned about Butter Beans poor little digits and as pretty as fingering weight shrugs are, she needs something more beefy! She has a Cunning hat like daddy, so I'm going to make her matching gloves. A knitters child shouldst not go cold!

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