Friday, January 3, 2014

Long tail cast-ons make me grrrrrr

Seriously, I don't do math. I know that there is the whole thing of "you need one inch of tail per stitch" to figure how long said tail should be. Well I don't do math and suck at the whole counting thing AND I have spacial recognition issues, plus who really always has their measuring tape at hand?! (okay, I do, its in the little coin purse full of itzy bitzy rubber bands I use as place markers and darning needles that goes wherever my knitting does but its all rolled up and it would be a pain in the butt to take it out, measure, and roll back up for a full few seconds.) Therefore, I usually eyeball. Which means I have to undo all the stitches and do it on again so freaking often it isn't even funny. Here's the inevitable process:

  1. Need 54 stitches, not a big deal, eyeball out and start happily casting on a German twisted stitch.
  2. Get to to 51, fingers have to do serious acrobatics to hold the tail, try try TRY to make the next few stitches.
  3. Swear profusely to myself while I unravel.
  4. Move a few inches up, attempt to cast on again
  5. For some reason I now have a foot long tail! wtf yarn, did you grow?!
  6. Sit there and discuss with myself whether or not its so important, knowing I'm going to have have a fabulous panic about having enough yarn, because I'm that person, constantly afraid I don't have enough for a project. Unravel after 5 minutes.
Repeat steps 1-6 at least 2 times before I'm happy. 

Every. Darn. Time. 

Plus side, moving on to the bi-colored mitts! Baby booties and gloves done, moving forward, woohoo! That is, if I ever get this cast on right.

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