Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Turn turtle and avoid!

Do you ever have that moment where you are just thrumming along on a project and you end up not being able to really work on it for a day or so and you think "its okay, I've got time." Then you suddenly realize its January? You managed to get the whole fiasco of december bound off and you had PLENTY of time to do everything that had to be done in January. And then it hits, suddenly, you have only 2, 3 weeks before you have the 4 projects you need done (all literally time sensitive, thank you birthdays and weddings, no leeway!!!!)

Some people would start working like CRAZY, I totally turn turtle. I stuff my little noggin back in my shell and pretend that I don't have self imposed deadlines looming. I've got this. By I've got this I mean "I'll go at my regular pace this week and next week I'll constantly have my face down in some sort of project to the point that my child will start to think the needles are actually a part of me" WOOOOOO!

What a way to start the new year, thank god organization and time management weren't my goals :)

Current Project list in no particular order:
                              1. Two pairs of gloves by the first weekend in January
                              2. Striped Annabella gloves for a friend by January 16
                              3. Finish that SOCK (I have until the 24th and a lot of travel)
                              4. Remake baby bootie so that it sits right and mail out by Jan 6 (don't come early baby)
                              5. Make striped mitts for friends birthday (jan 16-24)
                              6. Small shrugs or fingerless gloves for butterbean and niece for the wedding (jan 24)
                              7. Make a few coffee cup cosies before Jan 23

Wow, okay, I thought writing it out would make it seem like not so much but holy hannah, thats a lot! Why am I on here writing...oh yeah, I do my best work when panicked :P

Happy Knit Year everyone! It'll be glorious!

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