Saturday, January 4, 2014

Progress! Also KIPing in the park

I love to take Butter Bean to the park, she gets to frolic and work off some energy, I get to knit. Everyone is happy the end! Usually I do something simple that doesn't require a ton of focus, but due to my current project list, I decided to take out the fancy striped Annabella gloves I'm making for a friend.

Progress I HAZ IT

Its been a bit of a pain. I'm not used to color working even if its just striping! I tried a few tricks I read to avoid having all the ends to weave in, but after finishing a block and having to rip it back I decided to just do it the easy way.

Its doing alright! My one problem so far has been that I always manage to screw up and I swear to god, I'm 4 stripes into it and I have had to rip back every one of them at least once. I was trying to figure out a mess up when it was bed time and I got SUPER ridiculously grumpy at it, then I had to try to put Butter Bean down and I was so frustrated that when I got my inevitable "NO" for my efforts I just said "FINE stay up all night, I don't care!" and pouted back to my knitting. Real mature, good job mom. Hubby calmly picked her up and did the whole bed time thing all the while she was calling out "Maaaama, mummy, ma", I'm telling you considering that is actually a pretty standard thing for me to hear you get sort of desensitized. I still felt bad, but I hunkered down and finished that stripe.

All I can say is tomorrow will be better. This is turning out lovely, and it will be done soon so i can move onto other things!

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