Thursday, January 9, 2014


I started this morning all motivated, within 5 minutes of struggle it was shot. Instead of heading to the library for story time I decided it was a sit in, clean, then knit. Then within 10 minutes I realized I felt zero interest in cleaning, so it was movies for the little one and a knitting. Nothing extreme going on, just a little down which is pretty normal at this delightful point in the month, so I just popped a few extra St Johns wart, put on my comfy pants, and got all up in my needles business.

Its great because I did get the gloves done. I totally meant to do something useful after, like start ButterBeans mittens, but instead I knit a hat for a lemon. I have every intention of making a wee beard. I will take some pic-ies of everything and post it. I want to block the gloves first and get the pic all taken of Cedric von Meyer, master of disguise! (yup, thats going to be my mascot's name)

I also opened up an Etsy store. Cliche I know. "Omg, I am totally making stuff, I should sell it to the masses!" I figure it will at least keep me in yarn and give me a good reason to sit on my rump and knit. Its LemonIncognito. Yeah, not surprising. Are you sensing a theme here? I apparently have an unnatural interest in citrus fruit. I'm strangely comfortable with this.

Anywhatsit pics and knits to come!!

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