Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adventures in KIP

Ah the great knitting in public excursions. I have read of magical places like Toronto where there are knitters everywhere, its a wonderland of yarn stores and people getting down with their needles where everyone in the world can see! Well, Vegas, I'm bringing it back!

What with all the craziness going on with the holidays, this mama needed a little decompressing, so how do I do that? Pretty myself up and go to one of the busiest places I can think of, the Strip, needles and yarn in tow!

I was expecting things to be nuts, but the absolute clustery chaos that I was met with was a bit crazy. I walked across the casino to snag up a coffee, vaguely considered the garden but instead found a lovely spot that was a very fabulous lady from New York was just vacating. I settled in, got out the old US 7 and got to work.

I'll admit  this was partially an experiment. I was interested in the reactions of the tourists to someone sitting pretty, just enjoying a little fiber action. I loved the kids, they would blatantly stare as I picked my row to row, stitch after stitch. I could tell the ones who were undoubtedly crafters, their eyes would linger just a little bit longer and a small smile would appear. I know that there are more than a few tourists carting kids, bags, gifts, and yard long margaritas thinking to themselves "was that lady just....knitting..." It would be fun to be that thing that was worth mentioning about your trip! 

I had a great time, I rebooted, refreshed, and I made progress. It was nice and I did something I loved. This is going to be a regular thing. Oh needles, the places you'll go!

My current Goldilocks mitten, checking out the gardens! Please ignore my not pretty hands, the cold weather and constant dish washing associated with being a wife/mother is rough.

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