Thursday, December 5, 2013

Introductions are in order

My name is Starcie and I am a new knitter. No that isn't a typo, no my name is not Stacie, Darcie, or Stracie. That little R is all snuggled in there on purpose. I come from a long line of able Lithuanian women who were crafters and seamstresses and my mom believes (and I do too) a bit of intuitive wise women. However I always felt things definitely skipped a generation when it came to me. Trust me. I may look like my ancestors but I lack any of their useful skills.  I'm 32 and its taken me this long to actually find something I can do.

Lets see, I'm a dietitian  chef, chauffeur  cleaning lady, laundress, arm candy, bathroom attendant, personal shopper, personal assistant, and so many more. To put it simply, I'm a mom!

I'm the kind of mom who lets my kid pull a Jo-Anns shopping cart down on themselves and doesn't run to them, swooping them up into my arms while bemoaning the pain caused to my precious baby (this totally happened 2 days ago on a yarn run, there was an older woman who did not approve of my simple "Whoa kiddo, are you okay? Come on, get up, lets check your fingers and toes). I let her put pretty much anything in her mouth and she's got a great immune system. I encourage climbing, falling, reading, and drawing

I like to cook from scratch, but that doesn't mean Butter Bean didn't consume a conglomeration of cut up hot dog, mixed veggies, and wee pasta bits sauced with a little ranch dressing so I could clean. Don't think I'm some sort of neat freak either. I'd rather be snuggled under a quilt with my needles, yarn, and a dream while watching Doctor Who than scrubbing my toilets, but it has to happen eventually and I work best in an organised space.

I'm a massage therapist by trade, a mom by choice. I've washed dogs, waitressed, hostessed, worked in child care, taught kids to cook, taught adults to massage, and been a tour guide at my college. I'm an anglophile but not overwhelmingly so. I love old movies and BBC varieties and I adore Doctors 10 and 11 and hate Rose. I was a bit crazy in my 20s but I've evened out. I'm currently trying to recapture the feel of the 1950s housewife but sex it up a bit, finding my way to being only a housewife instead of an income provider. I like depending on my husband but not being dependent on him. I'm eternally optimistic for others and what they can do but hard on myself. There's nothing I like better than making someone smile.

My family consists of a crazy little 2 y.o. girl who drives me nuts and is the light of my life and a former marine come mechanic husband who is my biggest support yet at the same time keeps me grounded in an almost painful tactless way. 

There we are, that's the tip of the iceberg and has nothing to do with knitting, but I  figured a little intro is a good start. I'm very new to knitting and its slowly becoming an addendum to who I am. Not too shabby really! 

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