Saturday, December 7, 2013

Goals and THE hat that started it all

There are certain things in this life that I want to knit/have always wanted to knit/discovered I want to knit. Most are geeky and silly but in their own intrinsic fashion AWESOME!

One of the biggest also happened to be my first real success, the one that actually made me feel I really could be/was a knitter;the Cunning hat from Firefly, worn by Jayne in The Message.

When a man wears that hat, you know he ain't afraid of nothin!

I popped on Ravelry and did a search and came up with a lot of options, after weeding, I found one that was perfect, which linked me to Keiyla's Blog. This woman is an OCD ball of epic! She had high def and wasn't afraid to use it and thereby created what I consider to be a crazy accurate recipe for delicious hatti-ness. I popped on Webs and discussed yarn and color with DH, as the hat was for him and he's rather persnickety on colors being a model painter. We found the perfect single ply wool, Linie 213 Filz-Wollee. I liked it because the brand had the perfect colors and I didn't feel brave enough to mix up brands and hubby totally approved. Plus at 3.49 a skein it was totally worth it!

It was initially going to be a St Nicholas Day gift but the two of us were so excited that when it came in I HAD to start. I was so nervous because I was still doing a back loop cast on and to a novice, a German twisted cast on is pretty intimidating. Thanks to the internet and Ehow it wasn't long before I was plugging along. DH stayed up and watched me while we played Serenity episodes. He was so excited and I loved it. Hearing my very hard working, no nonsense, taciturn husband in awe and excited about how I was doing and how it looked just spurred me further. I got the body done that night over 4 hours. He literally wore it to sleep in.

The next day I girded my loins for battle (picking up stitches also made me nervous) and did the earflaps and I'll be darned if those things weren't that hard to do! By the time he came home from work the only thing missing was the pom pom (which was quickly remedied with a trip to Jo-anns for a maker). And after a total of 6 hours of work here was the result:

It turned out perfect AND I had a ridiculously happy husband. I made it about 2 weeks ago and he wears it constantly! I'm not saying my husband isn't supportive but he's not the kind to gush at all and he's still gushing about that hat. I totally got a knitters high. It was amazing, finishing something I set out to do and it turned out accurate! There was nothing I couldn't do! Which makes sense as to why the next morning I whipped out a matching hat (sans ear flaps due to not enough wine yarn) for Butter Bean so they could wear them on their daddy daughter excursions:

Yup, that's something I can cross off my list. Last night I finished yet another one of those goals. I wanted to knit a beard. Yes, a beard. I can't explain why it just seemed totally legit! I was spurred by my daughters Godfather who is follicle challenged. Plenty on his head but the hair on his face grows in mangy thin patches. Its sadly white trashy really. He lives in good old Nebraska and it hit negative digits and I figured it was time to get going on the old face mane to attach to his birthday hat. Yet again, Ravelry is the bomb and via it I found A rather fun knitted beard. I always thought eyelash yarn was a little tacky, but now I realize I was being an elitist and it has its place! One day of knitting and voila:

A fluffy ball of chin warming niftiness. Its removable so there is no need to commit to facial hair because we all know that sometimes its not always appropriate! 

Yet again, I experienced that knitters high. That feeling of creation that is akin, on some level, to the birth of my child. It was silly, it was weird, not everyone gets it, but I set out to make it and it came out how I'd hoped! It was a good reboot and yet again, a check off my list.

Other things I want to make:
  • Doctor Who Tardis socks/hat/mittens (seriously, there's an awesome fair isle pattern or them)
  • Pimlico Shrug from the book Knit 2 Together
  • A Peep toy for BB (she loves Peep and the Big Wide World)
  • Mini brown coat outfit for our eventual son!
  • a tacky lingerie set for my friend Bibi ^_^
  • A dress for BB
  • A hat and mittens for each one of my nephews and nieces

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