Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mates suck

I have moved up another level as a knitter, BEHOLD

Yes, I did it. I dinged. I moved forward, I moved up, I ACHIEVED! I totally did a little dance of happiness, proud of my achievement and my ability to actually produce something that fit and looks darn good on.

Then I realized that I was only half way done with both projects. Yes, I actually had a finished product, but it was a loooooooonely project. That sock and that mitten could totally hang out together but they aren't going to do one person any good. First off that sock is a ladies size 11 and that mitten is child sized. All they can do is sit and have a nice little chat while feeling awkward and alone, dreaming of their mates...

Whats funny is I have a friend who's a fellow knitter comment that thats why she doesn't care to make socks and is lucky enough to have a friend with one foot! Well, we all can't be so lucky so I know I have to buckle down.

I'm happy to say, the mitten is no longer alone:

Within a day it was a complete set. The happy couple is now canoodling happily in christmas wrap, eagerly awaiting being opened by a little girl. WOOHOO!

The sock is still forlornly watching its mate being made. I'm happy to report that I'm into the stockinette stitches so by next monday the little darling will be on its way to its new home!

What I've learned: 
  • When things come in sets and you think you are halfway done, you are really only a quarter of the way done.
  • There is definitely something to that "knit 2 socks at a time" goal: don't be afraid of it!
  • Kitchener stitches yikes, eHow, I love thee
  • I can knit a pair of mittens in a day if I really want to!

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